Braun Kendrick is proud of its ability to offer its attorneys the opportunity to practice law at the same level of sophistication offered by major metropolitan law firms, while keeping the mid-Michigan balance of community, family, and collegiality necessary for a successful and enjoyable practice. In fact, we are among the largest firms in the State, and the largest firm based north of Detroit and east of Lansing.

The goal of the recruitment process at Braun Kendrick is to attract highly qualified and well-rounded candidates from top tier law schools or lateral hire attorneys with significant experience in specialized areas of the law. Summer clerks and associates are expected to have excellent problem-solving skills on both intellectual and practical levels. We seek to hire individuals who are prepared to assume leadership roles within the firm and our community at an early stage in their career.

Braun Kendrick is an equal employment opportunity employer. The firm recognizes that diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich our ability to effectively serve our clients.


Summer Clerk Program

The summer clerkship program is intended to provide second-year law students with a full exposure to Braun Kendrick attorneys and practice areas. During their summer, clerks are provided a wide variety of experiences that touch on major practices throughout the firm. Each clerk works with an advisor to ensure that he or she has the opportunity to work in all desired practice areas. The advisor also serves as a resource and guide as necessary.

In addition to the advisors, members of the Hiring Committee commit themselves to monitoring the progress of the clerkship experience as well as making themselves available as additional contacts/resources if questions or problems arise. At the end of the summer, the clerk should have a good idea of what Braun Kendrick has to offer professionally and personally.


Associate Program

The associate experience begins with a series of orientation programs that cover the business procedures, research resources and practice areas of the firm. Beyond the initial orientation, associates are introduced and incorporated into our firm’s culture through monthly attorney meetings with all firm members, through quarterly associate meetings where various aspects of the firm’s business is reviewed, and through several annual social events.

Professionally, every effort is made to allow a young associate to explore the fields of law that are of interest. Each associate is assigned an advisor who monitors the associate’s work flow, training and other needs as they arise. Supplemental mentor relationships grow as the associate narrows his or her practice expertise. Both the advisor and mentor relationship play a significant role in the attorney’s professional growth and development.

The partnership track at Braun Kendrick is typically seven years. Lateral hires and attorneys with past professional experience may, if appropriate, be been given credit for past experience to move them along the partnership track at a quicker pace.

The firm offers staff attorney positions within its associate program as well. Staff attorneys are not considered to be on partnership track. While the same training and mentoring process is followed with staff attorneys, compensation and other conditions of employment are established on an individual basis.



Training is an important element of both the summer clerkship and associate programs. Training occurs through a wide variety of methods. Most important is the one-on-one relationship developed through work performance. Supplementary opportunities include unlimited access to Institute for Continuing Legal Education seminars, computer and research training through internal expertise and visits from Westlaw representatives, the opportunity to attend one national seminar per year, and access to various legal and professional association programs.


Legal Research

Westlaw and other computer-based resources are becoming our primary resource for legal research. However, the firm continues to maintain the largest private law library in the Mid-Michigan area. Further, our many paralegals and support staff are critical to attorney support and client service. They are excellent technicians, each trained specifically for their area of practice. Effective use of these skilled people lowers our clients’ costs while maintaining superior service.


Service to the Community

Orientation to the Tri-City community is another important element of the associate experience. Associates are allowed the opportunity to participate in leadership development programs offered in their home communities. For example, numerous Braun Kendrick attorneys have graduated from the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Saginaw Program. Leadership Saginaw provides exposure to over nine dimensions of the Saginaw community, including its history, government, human service organizations and businesses.

Braun Kendrick attorneys serve on several community and non-profit boards. Braun Kendrick attorneys are committed to serving and improving the quality of life for the entire community. Professional service to the community is encouraged through participation in the State and local bar associations and through pro bono services with Legal Services of Eastern Michigan.


Our Community

The Great Lakes Bay Region provides a number of residential choices for Braun Kendrick attorneys, who enjoy a wide range of options, from suburban to urban to rural. Housing in the area is among the highest value for the dollar one can find in the State of Michigan. Quality public services and schools are common throughout all communities. Moreover, each community offers its own unique living environment and personality.

Many of our lawyers were born in Michigan, often in the mid-Michigan area. But whether we were reared locally or outside Michigan, we are drawn to this region for many of the same reasons as our clients. The area offers the best of both worlds: big-city amenities and small-town appeal and friendships.


Additional Information

Contact David Puskar for more information regarding Lawyer Recruitment. Individuals seeking information on support positions contact Nolan Felsing.



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